Monday, August 26, 2013

Life | My world is just Perfect

Ever wonder why time is sweetly drifting by?
When all your world wants a little piece of mama.
Sugary sweet breath.
Paint stains on clothes.
Kisses on cheeks and hearts and souls.
Hands that reach up to grab hold of time
Floors and tables cluttered of
things that will soon become master pieces on
these walls, in this heart and in this soul
My heart sometimes feels too small
for what goes on
it cannot contain
So she will
she will clear her heart until it becomes
theirs and his and His completely.


Angry Birds

This was the beginning and end to my 50kms in 5 days, LOOSER

It was supposed to be something pretty but ended up...


Caleb Indhran Pillay

My Little Lijie asleep with his Rosary

Can't get enough of this Little Big Guys smile

Drawing and cutting fish for'll see...

There were even Jozi

Arrow fishing Boys

All I ever need to buy from now on is sticky tape and duct tape...I know it will rock their world

Joshy and I having a Sonny & Mommy Day

He made this little holder for his pocket knife, that he will have one day

The Beginning of Gifts for a little someone special

FOund some old books in the dumpster....and... became pretty little flowers

And more pretty little flowers
Love and light, you guys, till my guys get bored of me again!
Stay safe.

Friday, August 16, 2013

Life | One less tooth and a whole lot of captures


Sjoe...the last two weeks have been a pain in the mouth!

I had an impacted wisdom tooth removed last week Monday, it's been SO incredibly sore.

So my Dad bought me this Balaclava!

Its really been so painful that the Boys have been slightly bored 
and have been totally awesome.
They've made us breakfast in bed; its always fruit salad, 
because they're not allowed to use the stove.
Packed the washing machine and kept themselves entertained for like 8 days!!!

I have been doing a little hand sewing.
Yes, I started a while back.
No, I haven't finished yet?!?

Took this 'ol lady out the cupboard, 
not sure how she works, but eager to learn.

Always and forever at my side, 
especially when the Boys have gone out.

Its amazing how we need them.

I always love getting caught up in these two little Boys minds.

It is a beautiful place.
I love all the awesome things you can be when you play lego.

This week the pain in my jaw was bearable; so we made martianmallows
Lijie has always called marshmallows, martianmallows so we've kinda just stuck with that
word...because its just too cute!
And we decided to colour these to match their names.
(Stove was used under my supervision)

Nope not turkish delight. Just RED martianmallows.

We have taken to reading in the morning
...and all day long to the boys.

Water, sun & sand; the beach is in their blood too.
I know it's mud.

I'm not all that good at baking, but these cupcakes were yum.

Some healthy granola in the making.

Afternoon snuggles with our girl...yep she got a second wind, and still has it.

Wheat free and eggless (only because there were no eggs) Banana & Strawberry Loaf. 
We substituted the all purpose flour for a mix of oat and rice flour. 
We also used strawberry yoghurt instead of buttermilk. 
Then added some chopped strawberries to the the tin before baking. 
(We, because the Boys did everything except pour the mixture into the tin and place in oven.)

We've been learning to pray the Rosary.
It really is a beautiful string of prayers.
The focus on Jesus, and his beautiful yet, sad gift to us is just GLORIOUS!

Pray that you had a beautiful week back and that the ones to come hold precious moments too.

Love & Light

Monday, August 5, 2013

What I Wore Sunday | & this week in captures

Linking up with all the beautiful women over at Fine Linen and Purple.

Most of the time small things occupy this heart.
And life seems so worth those moments.
When you're running around, going from one thing to the next;
there's that single moment that captures your heart.
That moment when you feel so loved by your children and your husband.
That moment when you want to leave the shopping cart and run back to them.
Back to the craziness,
the loudness, 
the kisses, 
the cuddles, 
those perpetual questions 
those faces 
and those hearts that seem to have a depth 
that is endless.

My heart and my soul,
overflows with gladness, 
and the blessing that is my family.
"...for out of the overflow of the heart my mouth speaks." Luke 6:45 - paraphrase

"What is done in love is done well." - Vincent Van Gogh

Morning Cuddles

I love these moments

I love my furry children 

X-ray vision Jedi

Loving our six furry babies


Final and complete piece

Paper City

Cutting Snipping and sticking 

.. Clothes Pin butterflies

Chess time while Mommy has downtime

More crafting

Thrift store finds - boys were super excited

What I wore Sunday

Yellow Cardi - Meltz
Owl Scarf - Real Clothing (Pick 'n Pay Clothing Label)
Emerald Green Maxi Dress - Stripe | Cute Little Shop in South Korea (Not the name of the shop)
Purple Footless Tights - The same Cute Little Shop in South Korea
Brown Peep tow Brogues(?!) - Amanda Laird Cherry
Jacaranda Tree Heart Necklace - gift from an old school friend, now Jewellery Designer Gen Motley

I'm not big on fashion brands, but I do love Handmade pretties.

Love and Light

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Life | The Mommyness of Me

Linking up with Mel for Monday Mamlogues...errrr yes its Tuesday, but why not.

Every now and then I wonder what my life would be without Jacques, Josh and Lijie???

The bathroom would be mine.
There would be no toys to step on.
I would never need to dust toy shelves.
Books would always be on the shelf.

I love that when I'm in the bathroom, there are doodles all over the mirror, little stick people playing around my shower doors. Or the random questions that get asked when my toothbrush is doing its rounds in my mouth. (The toothbrush gives you time to think about your answer!)

Toys are exciting and never what they are.
And the narration that goes with them....SO CUTE!!!
And if you do step on them, then it just becomes a part of the game.

If I never had to dust toy shelves I would never find birthday cards, little love notes to each other, a picture of myself when I was 12.

Books around the house are a reminder that we are learning together as a family.
It makes my heart skip a beat when my children love Nesbit, Lewis and Macdonald.
And I get all dreamy when Jacques starts reading our last book in the Wheel Of Time Series.

So yes.
A sad and boring life it would be.
No need for God, or wet wipes, or a desire to grow.
The sink would be empty and so would my heart.
I always think, "ahh but I could have joined a convent."
But I only know this spirituality because of my family,
my Boys,
my Mommyness.

Go on and see how Mel's Mommyness is growing.

Love and Light